Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss-It’s Possible

A lot of people haven’t learned it yet but many are starting to learn that green tea weight loss is real.Green Tea Weight Loss

The tea has the ability to essentially shift your body’s metabolism into high speed. This fact is supported by scientific research that shows people who exercise, but also drink green tea, lose twice as much weight than those who do not.

Running to the store yet to stock up on products made of tea?

Hold up, there is no reason to run to the store and buy everything with the flavor of tea and leave with a cart full of ice cream, noodles, drinks, crackers, and everything else.

Why? The weight loss benefits are in epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG for us non-medical experts. EGCG is an antioxidant booster that is found in the tea, but not in the flavoring.

So, this must drive one to think, how can I centralize the power found within the tea? Is the extract more useful? Basically, what types of this tea should I be drinking and in what form should I be getting my EGCG?

What about flavored teas?

The benefits of the tea shouldn’t be diminished if simply flavored. However, sometimes flavored teas will contain a higher amount of sugar and in turn more calories than a more simple tea.

Be sure to check the packaging to determine if there are any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Does the brand matter?

This is a factor in the quality of achieving the desired results in a plan for green tea weight loss. Some brands use higher quality leaves than others and depending on the brand, additional ingredients could be something of significance.

Like with the flavored teas, be sure to avoid added sugars and artificial sweeteners that can decrease or counter the benefits of the tea.

What if it’s iced?

It’s the same green tea, so it can be hot or cold. However, the melting of ice in the cup can cause the dilution of the tea and its beneficial contents. The benefits are maximized when the tea is hot.

One tip is to pour the water over a tea bag just as bubbles form in the water and the water has not begun to fully boil. Then let the steep for another 3-4 minutes for maximum effect and flavor.

Can it go bad?

Tea leaves don’t necessarily go bad, but the more fresh the better. After about 6 months of open storage, tea leaves lose some of the potency in their antioxidizing powers.

Not in a tea mood… Can I use an extract for green tea weight loss?

You certainly can. Experts say that adding extract to water is excellent for tea on the go. Essentially, 1 milliliter of extract can have the same potency of about 9 cups of tea that is rich in antioxidants.

This tea is exceptionally beneficial because of its antioxidant properties and in turn this can help anyone who is struggling with their ability to lose weight. Plus, it tastes good and provides a moment of relaxation to a busy day.


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