Diet Tea Reviews

Diet Tea Reviews-What Makes A Dieter’s Tea?

The manufacturers who often find themselves in diet tea reviews offer varieties of different teas.

These teas are usually promoted as having natural ingredients and very little or no unnatural additives. Some work as bowel stimulants while others curb the appetite, and some do both.

For these reasons they are best for quick weight loss.

IngredientsDiet Tea Reviews

There are a few companies that produce these teas with variations on flavors and the herbs that are providing the health benefits. Typically the tea is free of caffeine or has only trace amounts.

Where some teas are made from green tea or black tea, teas for dieting are often composed of herbs that are known to stimulate weight loss.

A common sweetener that is added to the herbal teas is Stevia. Although it’s a sweetener, it is natural, comes from plant leaves, and does not raise blood sugar levels.

One common laxative ingredient is an ingredient named Senna. Chinese Mallow is another and is a form of diuretic. Some also contain orange peel, which suppresses appetite and is supported by ginseng, another appetite suppressant with stimulant properties.

Also, peppermint and chamomile are often added for greater flavoring.

Weight Loss

Obviously the purpose of drinking such tea is for weight loss. The teas provide fast effects but if used in excess there can be undesirable effects such as diarrhea or cramping.

However, most products and responsible manufacturers make this possibility clear on their packaging. Although the laxative properties provide the initial benefits, it is the appetite suppressant and stimulant properties that provide the more beneficial weight loss properties.

Colon Cleanse

Some diet tea reviews, including this one, look at colon cleansers. The purpose of this is to remove toxins from the body completely.

When people overeat, the toxins build up in the body and the excessive protein, sugar, and carbohydrates build up in the body. Diuretics in weight loss teas can act as a colon cleanser.

Constipation Relief

Constipation is a common ailment and these teas can alleviate the discomfort and inability to evacuate the bowels because of their laxative properties. The teas provide natural relief and might encourage more regular and frequent bowel movements.


The teas are typically packaged in individual tea bags. In order to prepare, you would boil the water as is typical with tea and then pour the water into a cup containing a single tea bag.

As you will read in many diet tea reviews, it is recommended for the tea to steep for at least 2 minutes before drinking the tea. Remember to mind the manufacturer’s instructions for effective results.


Green tea is an alternative to the typical weight loss teas. The effects are less immediate, but for long-term usage green tea is at the top.

It’s natural and can easily be obtained. The only caution is to inspect the ingredients and avoid any products with high sugar levels or additional sweeteners that can negate the weight loss and antioxidant properties of all natural green tea.

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